Frequently Asked Questions

When will the game be Released?

Some time in 2019. We’ll announce a more precise date as soon as we’re confident the game is polished and ready to release.

Will the game come to consoles?

Right now we’re focusing on providing the best possible experience for PC players. If there’s enough interest from console communities, we may bring the game to those consoles too.

Please register your interest below, and we’ll be sure to let you know if and when our game is coming to your console!



I played the original Mod, will I enjoy the Game?

The Forgotten City® retains all the elements you know and love while improving every aspect and adding plenty of surprises: Walk the streets of a brand new city. Get to know re-imagined characters. Sink into original lore with fresh twists and endings. Enjoy added combat and wall-climbing mechanics, an all-new orchestral score, professional voice acting, and motion capture animations. We think you’ll love it!

How much will it Cost?

Approximately USD$19.99

What are the System Requirements?

For the game’s minimum and recommended system requirements, please visit the Steam store page. While you’re there, why not add it to your wishlist?

Is this related to that other Game?

The Forgotten City® is a stand-alone re-imagining of the award-winning, critically acclaimed mod of the same name. It is not affiliated with any other game or franchise.

Who is making the Game?

The game is being developed by Modern Storyteller, a studio comprised of award-winning writer Nick Pearce and hand-picked industry veterans Alex Goss (Earthlight VR), John Eyre (Hand of Fate 2), Michael Allen (Armello), and Laura Michet (Where The Water Tastes Like Wine). To learn more about us, you can visit the Modern Storyteller website here:

The Forgotten City is being produced with the assistance of Film Victoria.